Dentistry in Long Beach

"If you are looking for a good dentist look no farther!"

I have a great one here in the Bixby Knolls area of Long Beach , Jasbir is soft spoken and polite , fair, honest , and runs a small office, Never a wait!

Jasbir is a great sensitive dentist and a outstanding craftsman that will work to make sure you are comfortable and never in any pain! He has great staff that amounts to three! Himself, his wife at the front desk and a dental technician that is a really a fun person to kid around with! My Mom used him and then I switched over to him once my life long dentist retired. Super happy with the major and minor dental work like bridges and crowns, cleanings etc. He doesn't lecture you and make you feel shamed if you have neglected a bit of your flossing!...good prices too! They will work with your insurance and if you are like me and have to pay for your own ...they will help you get into a plan like Delta to make it CHEAPER for you! Now how many dentist will do that!

He is a Pakistani and I think he's Hindu so you get all their good Karma and good are when you visit him.. His wife is nice and will even call you if you want to be remind when you are next scheduled to visit! She is a real cutie and fun too,... and myself being a craftsman and artist they both wanted to see my own art and jewelry...what more can I say?...oh yeah they have little personal color TVs at their chairs you can watch while you get worked's amazing what a little distraction will do to get you through all the drilling and scrapping and grinding!

- From Yelp